EDC+ Kit - Magazine - Knife -Holster Set

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EDC+ Kit - Magazine - Knife -Holster Set

B4 Gear Exclusive! This is our EDC+ Kit, one of our holsters, magazine carrier, TDI with a custom Sheath! This gives you 95% of your carry needs, a high quality holster, backup ammo AND a fighting knife for when all else fails!!

This is a 20% discount off of our normal pricing for the individual components



Pictures and Description of the Dually option: Dually Holster

Pictures and description of the Ulticlip!: Ulticlip Holster

Pictures and description of the TDI knife & sheath set: TDI Set


 AIWB - Single Soft Loop Holster (Default Option)

The AIWB was designed to be worn Appendix - Inside the Waistband (AIWB). The AIWB model with single soft loop allows the holster a lot of freedom of movement, as you are entering and exiting vehicles or just moving around during the day, the holster can pitch and yaw with your movements instead of being held rigid and risking being uncomfortable, which reduces your ability to carry and leaves you unarmed. The AIWB - Single Soft Loop is OUR preferred method of carry for every day and training purposes and in known to be the best method of carry if you want to access your weapon while seated!

The AIWB comes with 1 pull the dot soft belt loop, this is the most secure method for inside the waistband carry. Pull the dot loops are designed to only close in one direction (bottom first, then rock the top on) and then only be removed in the reverse direction (pull the top loose first).

All of our IWB holsters are designed for everyday comfort and each design is torture tested through multiple training iterations (normally at www.tacticalresponse.com), including force on force training!

We build our IWB holsters with a small footprint for less weight and more conceal-ability. Also, if you have multiple pistols of the same make, just different barrel lengths this holster will fit multiple weapons (specify in the comments during ordering the models you have so we can ensure proper testing).


Example of AIWB carry: selfie-how-to-carry.jpg



Magazine Carrier

We have redesigned our single magazine carriers to be more efficient, flexible and easier to conceal. We have moved away from the belt loops that required you to remove your belt in order to put on or take off the magazine carrier. Our new design allows you to carry the magazine IWB or OWB and you can easily take the mag carrier off your belt without undressing!

These magazine carriers also include adjustable retention so you can tighten down the retention system, wear the magazine carrier Inside the WaistBand (IWB) for easy, everyday concealment,  then loosen the retention system and move to outside the waistband (OWB) for competition, range or field use.

We try to keep all colors in stock, but some color materials may have to be ordered for your gear.

If you would like a more custom design or higher ride, just email us and let us know what you are looking for.


Everything we sell is hand-made to order: NOTHING IS IN STOCK.
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