About Us

We started making kydex holsters for our own personal use and now have a holster for every weapon and every occasion!

Folks seem to like them so we decided to turn our hobby into B4 Gear. We are avid shooters, hunters, a Marine Corps veteran (OORAH) and all around goof offs.The B4 represents Me, my wife and my 2 girls.

I have to give a big thanks to Phlster for all the videos and just being an all around nice guy about sharing his knowledge. Make sure you check out CYA Guns when you are ready for you next gun, they are great guys and a local small business. We are all over social media, I don't always do a great job of keeping our social media pages updated, but we are always watching for messages! Check at the bottom of the page for all our social media links!!


Thanks for checking us out! Jason, Shannon, Lanie & Lissa (B4) Semper Fi






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